Brock Turner – Rapist.


Brock Turner raped a girl, got away with it, and the Internet is exploding. These are my honest, uncensored thoughts.


I am honestly so infuriated with the way the media is covering the Brock Turner rape situation. He is a rapist. A white, privileged,20 year old Stanford rapist but a rapist nonetheless. Stop showing me his swim times at the end of the articles concerning him. I do not care how fast he can swim. He raped a girl and that rape is not cancelled out by the intensity of his extracurricular activities.  In fact, stop referring to him as “All-American Swimmer” and title him how he should be titled: ‘Brock Turner’, ‘Turner’, or ‘The defendant’. And stop posting his clean-cut Stanford yearbook photo alongside the articles. Use his mug shot. He is a criminal and this is a crime.

Also, to the father of the rapist, I am wholly disappointed that you continue to defend your son and with such absurd backings. If I were to take advantage of an intoxicated and innocent person, damaging his/her self-worth forever, for my sick sexual desires, my parents would be so disappointed in me. They would not try and alleviate the seriousness of my actions by saying that it was only “20 minutes of action” out of my “20 year” life. They would not in any way condone my actions. They would encourage me to make amends as best I could (although such a crime can not in any way be fully amended for) and accept the appropriate measures against me. Your son is a rapist. It does not matter how long it took him to perform rape on someone. He raped her. If you truly think that your son is the victim here because he lost his precious swim scholarship and steak-eating abilities, I am even more disappointed. The victim is the girl he so willingly stripped of respect and security. If this is how you parent, it is no wonder your son has committed this atrocious, unspeakable, animalistic, disrespectful crime.

Next, to Judge Persky, shame on you. Rape is rape. A crime is a crime, despite the characteristics of the perpetrator. To provide such a light sentence is a violation of the justice system altogether. A heavier sentence might scar the boy? What about the way he scarred that girl, when he dragged her outside, removed her clothing, bruised her, scathed her, and used her as a sex object for the pleasure of his erection? He is a legal adult and should be held accountable as one. 6 months is a light slap on the wrist for an enormous crime. Criminals are not defined by their attributes – they are defined by their crimes. A middle-aged, undocumented, uneducated, poverty-stricken rapist is just the same as a young, Caucasian, middle-class, private schooled, privileged rapist. If you have bought into the arguments that Brock Turner is undeserving of a real punishment because of his athletic record and age, you are not a judge. Someone like you should not hold the responsibility of providing fair sentences, as the laws of this land guarantee. I do not usually tap into cliches, but this one holds some worth. “With great power comes great responsibility” and you have proven that you cannot efficiently carry out that responsibility. I do not know how you can look yourself in the mirror, how you can face what you’ve done, and how you can sleep at night, but evidently, you have found a way and that just speaks in of itself for your character and lack of morality. You are an embarrassment upon the justice system. Shame on you, Judge Persky, shame on you.

And finally, to the criminal himself. You can drape your school’s title, your swimming abilities, and your drunken state all over your crime, but you cannot escape it. You are a rapist. You are a sex offender. The court system can go easy on you and you can evade serious punishment, but at the end of the day, you are a rapist and you know it. You have faced a decision: concede and atone or deny and run. You have chosen to deny and run, the way you ran away from the crime scene once you were discovered. And for that reason, you have thrown the worth of your education and your achievements away. And the worst part is, you are lying to yourself. You can try to tell yourself you were not at fault and you can blame it on the alcohol, but you and I both know that alcohol does not rape people. People rape people. “People”, meaning you. And the further you try to run from your crime, the harder you try to dodge the bullets, the harder it will be for you to forgive yourself and move on. I’d like to believe that the Stanford admissions board is quite particular in its decisions, which leads me to the conclusion that you are not stupid. You know what you did and you know you are at fault. But if you fail and you refuse to own up to it – to take responsibility, you will be forever hung up on this. You will forever be the person you were when you raped that girl. And so in the end, you lose.


Here are the links to which you can analyze the story yourself:

Victim’s Open Letter (read in court):

Turner’s father’s Letter in Defense of his son:

More coverage of the story:

The Stanford Rapist’s Father Offers An Impossibly Offensive Defense Of His Son

These are only a few sources that I have read and that have contributed to my views. I encourage you to read multiple sources, yourself, before forming your own opinions.


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