Tomi Silenced – MY final thoughts

If you’re on the Internet, you probably know Tomi Lahren, outspoken conservative talk show host of “Tomi” on The Blaze. She is best known for the Final Thoughts segment on her show, which can be viewed on or her public Facebook page.

Tomi has grown to become an Internet sensation, branding herself as someone who is not afraid to speak her truth, despite how unpopular it may be. She has continually dissented against Colin Kaepernick, Hollywood, Black Lives Matter, liberals in general, and #NeverTrump Republicans. She has proudly declared herself a conservative (although she also has said she’s a millenial who doesn’t like labels but that is beside the point for this article) and many see her as the face of young Republicans.

Basically, Tomi and her opinions were strongly embraced by the right end of the political spectrum for a long time…until this week. During a  guest session on The View, Tomi explained her reasoning for being pro-choice, saying that as a constitutionalist and a supporter of limited government, she felt it wasn’t appropriate for the government to tell women what they could or could not do to their bodies. According to Tomi, taking any other stance would make her a hypocrite.

Apparently, The Blaze’s executives didn’t appreciate Tomi’s honest opinion because they silenced her from the show and according to Internet discussion (which can be less than reliable) are considering cutting her segment altogether.

To be honest, I laughed. Because for a network whose executives, hosts, guests, and viewers so ferociously launch tirades against liberal ‘snowflakes’ who apparently antagonize and exclude those who do not share their beliefs, that’s a pretty hypocritical move. When your speakers are preaching day and night about the 1st Amendment and how we might not agree with what someone has to say but we should respect their right to say it and then you move to silence someone who expressed a belief unpopular among conservatives, that is hypocrisy at its finest. Ironically, it’s why Tomi said she was pro-choice at all – because she didn’t want to be a hypocrite.

So yes, I never thought I’d say this but I stand with Tomi Lahren. I might not agree with her political philosophy and beliefs (in fact, I strongly disagree on those premises), but I agree with her right to express them, using whatever platform she wants. I support and respect her choosing to speak and defend her truth as well as maintain her consistency. The best part is, I’m not the only one who feels this way. People from all over the political spectrum (especially the left!) have been supporting Tomi Lahren during her forced TV silence. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah defended her in one of his broadcasts this week and Twitter users have been expressing their support in her replies.

Tomi recognized this in a recent tweet.


Yes, Tomi. It does feel good to know that women, like I, who may disagree with you on almost everything, can put those differences aside to support you when we know you are right. It’s almost like we can be understanding. Tolerant. Reasonable. Respectful.




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